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'Saving Grace' - Vehicle Kill Switch Kit

'Saving Grace' - Vehicle Kill Switch Kit


Vehicle Kill Switch kit. We call it 'Saving Grace'.


This is designed so that even with the keys, the car will not start, literally from a flick of a switch. The Dash lights will come on, but the car will not start.


Installation is really simple. Honestly it really is.


You choose where you want to hide the switch and in doing so what trim panels you have to remove to feed the wiring to your chosen location. In most cases it's a 15 - 30min max DIY fit!


This switch kit will confuse many of the criminals out there and in general, most criminals will not hang around trying to fault find on your driveway!

So once they hit this problem, they're likely going to do a runner!


Ofcourse like most security systems, there are never any guarentees but it'll certainly stop the thieves in their tracks.


We know this works on all VW Group MQB cars. If you have a different car, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.


All you need to do is route the wires to wherever you'd like the switch from your in car fuse board.


It's just as easy as installing a dash cam.


There is no modification to the factory wiring loom, it remains untouched.


The silver toggle switch needs a 12.5mm hole. The rocker type needs a 19mm hole. Mount it somewhere hidden, in a bit of plastic that's out of the way and not visible.


In the kit: -

-Wiring Loom

- Your chosen switch

- Instructions


This is an absolute no brainer when you think how much automotive security businesses charge for systems that ultimately have the same result and aren't bullet proof neither!


So RS3/S3 8V owners, Golf R 5G owners, 5F Leon Cupra Owners, Octavia VRS and so on....if you want to sleep easier, this is for you.


Fitting available - we're based in the Worcestershire area.




Is it just for keyless cars?.

This product applies for the 'old skool', key in Ignition and also 'keyless' MQB cars.


****Please note:****


This product, it's overall generic structure and design is subject to strict intellectual property regulations.


It's design right is protected for 15 years (licensable after 5 years).


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