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Cam Follower Kit 2.0 TFSI

Cam Follower Kit 2.0 TFSI


Cam follower kit for 2.0 TFSI - 06D109309C



Cam Follower



You have 3 options for bolts. Please use the drop down menus


The most popular is by far is our branded kit.

Each cam follower is pre lubricated in Castrol Edge Pro, they're properly lubricated!


Other option is ofcourse VW Group package option. They come dry, rattling around in their plastic container.


Keep in mind, although VW group do sell "genuine" followers, they do not manufacturer them. We just go direct to the manufacturer and skip out the middle man!


We now offer a HPFP bolt upgrade. We're the only company that we know of that offers a stainless bolt option for these. You can select them in the drop down.


You shouldn't need to replace them ever again...!


Do you worry about stripping the thread on the aluminum casing each time?


We now offer a stud kit too with reusuable aircraft grade aerotight nuts.


See here for more information: